Natura & Co Targeting Full Circularity of Packaging

Natura & Co is a global purpose-driven personal care group comprising Avon, Natura, The Body Shop and Aesop. In 2020, the group unveiled Commitment to Life, a ten-year plan designed to help tackle some of the world’s most pressing issues, one of which is the dramatic rise in plastic usage.


Multiple targets to reduce plastic usage


Natura &Co aims to achieve full circularity of packaging by 2030. It has committed to decreasing packaging material by 20% (or more) in weight, and for 50% of all plastic used to be made of recycled content. In addition, 100% of packaging material will be either reusable, recyclable or compostable. Finally, the group plans to offset plastic use through ‘collection and reuse’ programs, which will help reach 100% responsible disposal where recycling infrastructure is not available. To achieve this, Natura &Co has committed to investing a minimum of $100m by 2030 in developing solutions, such as biotechnology to transform waste to plastics.


Impact so far and future outlook


Natura &Co has made advances in its mission to include recycled plastics in products and packaging. The Body Shop are now using 68% recyclable plastic in packaging, and Natura are using 50%. In 2020, 70% of Aesop’s plastic bottles were made from at least 97% recycled PET. Further, The Body Shop’s Community Fair Trade Program continues to have an impact, resulting in 250 tonnes of recycled plastic being incorporated into packaging in one year. This figure is growing, with hope that it will rise to over 900 tonnes by the end of 2021.

Progress has also been made through initiatives designed to reduce the use of plastic. Avon has re-launched several products in bottles which contain 30% PCR plastic. These new bottles save 45 and 33.5 tonnes of virgin plastic per year respectively. In addition, by introducing the option of purchasing hand wash products as a refill without a pump, Aesop has saved 12g of plastic per bottle. The Body Shop’s refill scheme, reintroduced in 2019, removed 21 tonnes of plastic from Christmas gifts alone and is continuing to reduce plastic further.