ARTECH PMS, Artech Packaging Manufacturing Solution, is a professional packaging solutions provider, accumulating more than 20 years of packaging design experience with brands and retailers. We provide a wide range of packaging products across industries from garments, shoes, retail, cosmetics and more.
Artech Packaging Manufacturing Solution
We value sustainability, quality and production control, acquired certificate to ensure we're up to the highest standard.
We provide a wide range of packaging products across industries, supply for brands and their manufacturer all across globe.
One-Stop Shopping
We are able to offer our customers a one-stop shopping service by integrating our expertise and supply chain resources accumulated from the past. The devotion to satisfying customers’ packaging demands drives us to explore various industries in order to find the best solutions.
Global Supply
Our extensive customer base around the world allows us to extend our supply chain from all over Asia, allow us to better understand market trends and give us a better understanding of global supply.
Local Manufacturing
We have service bases in most brands manufacturing countries from manufacturing facilities as well as warehousing and can provide local services according to customer needs, facilitate order contact, and handle customer service matters in real time.
Quality Management
We strictly abide by the production quality requirements, and manufacture high-quality products, help build to enhance brand value. ArtechPMS have standard operating procedures and quality inspection laboratories to review each stage of work.
Facilities Technology
Our production equipment includes multi-color/monochrome printing, professional label printing equipment, etc., which can meet the various needs of customers; professional design assists customers in printing and layout suggestions; digital printing and proofing can improve product color accuracy before production. Printing machine, electric sub-speed plate making, UV machine and complete surface paper processing equipment can effectively improve the quality and efficiency of the printing process.
Delivery Logistics
We provide customers with efficient, timely and safe delivery methods, and strategically arrange production for regions to ensure rapid delivery of goods and provide localized services. And can cooperate with customers to arrange shipment at the port. It can be packed according to customer standards and transported according to customer needs.
Innovation Design