Artech Packaging Manufacturing Solution (ARTECH PMS) is a professional packaging solutions provider, accumulating more than 20 years of packaging design experience with brands and retailers. We provide a wide range of packaging products across industries such as garments, shoes, electronics, food and cosmetics. 
Artech Packaging Manufacturing Solution
Artech Packaging Manufacturing Solutions (ARTECH PMS) provides  professional packaging solutions. 
We provide a wide range of packaging products across industries such as Garments, Shoes, Electronics, Food and Cosmetics.
One-Stop Shopping
The devotion to satisfying customers’ packaging demands drives us to explore various industries in order to find the best solutions. Therefore, by integrating our expertise and supply chain resources accumulated from the past, we are able to offer our customers a one-stop shopping service.
Global Supply
Our extensive customer base across the globe allows us to expand our supply chain from Taiwan, China ,to South East Asia, enabling us to have a better knowledge of the market trend ,and taking us a step closer to really understand what we can do to help solve customer’s problems in difference parts of the world. We are the best option for your Southeast Asia packaging supplier.
Local Manufacturing
We understand how much local support and services means to our customers, which is why we have sales team and technicians based in all our production sites to provide response within 24hrs.
Quality Management
We see how much work you’ve put into your package design so when it comes to execution, ARTECH PMS offers the best. We provider your ideal customized box comes to life with leading printing tools and the highest quality materials.
Facilities Technology
Delivery Logistics