• Biodegradable materials
  • Biodegradable materials

Biodegradable materials

Biodegradable materials are a new type of material developed during the 1980s as the environmental and energy conflicts emerged. Being a naturally degradable material, it served a unique role in environmental protection. Its research and development has been growing rapidly. As a most effective solution to "white pollution", these materials have caught the attention of environmental experts, material experts and people in many fields。

Degradable plastic bags are marketed as more eco-friendly solutions, able to break down into harmless material more quickly than traditional plastics. 

According to the definition of American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM): biodegradable materials are polymer materials that can be degraded or enzymatically hydrolyzed by chemical/biological/physical interactions with bacteria, fungi, algae and other natural microorganisms.


*PLA :                                                                                  

Polylatic Acid extracted from Starch, 100% natural.

Good heat resistance, high tensile and low hydrolysis resistance.


PBAT+Starch by Polymerization and over 40% nature

Soft, good heat resistance, can bio-degrade into compost

International Certifications of Biodegradable Products