GRS Recycled Polybag

Using recycled polybag to pack product grows increasingly popular as EU regulation work towards to reduce use of virgin plastic. It is wave of the future that can not be turned back. Use certified and traceable recycled polybag from us to catch up for brands marketing globally, especially in the EU region.

*Sustainable & Curbside Recyclable
*Made of 100% Recycled LDPE
*From Traceable Source
*GSC & RCS Certified Recycled Bag
*Provide Transactional Certificate
*Premium Quality Recycled Material & Clear
*Durable as Virgin Material Polybag & Tested
*Less Carbon Footprint & A Step Closer to Carbon Neutral

Bag Type: Flat Bag/ Adhesive Bag/ Ziplock Bag/ Gusset Bag/ Vest Bag
Great for Apparel/Accessories/ Footwear/ Logistic/ Waste Bag