OK Compost Polybag

Our Compostable & Biodegradable Polybag is certified and traceable for eco conscious brand that want to reduce environmental impact. Artech acquire certificate to ensure that the material is from legitimate source. The bag is proven to be no harm to the eco system when it decompose.

*Made of PLA+PBAT
*PLA is Made of Natural Starch of Corn, Beet
*Matte, Semi-transparent with White Tint
*OK Compostable Certificate
*Compostable Under High Temperature & Humidity
*Decompose into CO2 and H2O
*No Micro-plastic Residue & Non-Toxic

Great for: Apparel/Accessories/ Footwear/ Waste Bag
Bag Type: Flat Bag/ Adhesive Bag/ Vest Bag/ More