Advantages of Paper, Paperboard, and Cardboard Cartons

Paper, paperboard, and cardboard cartons are frequently used as packaging for products in stores as well as used in shipping. Corrugated cardboard, for example, has excellent structural stability for shipping, storing, and even marketing products. Since it is easy to print on paper-based material, it is simple to incorporate branding right into your packaging. In addition, paper and cardboard are easily recyclable, completely renewable, and frequently reusable for those environmentally-conscious companies and consumers.

There are some reasons why cardboard is the best packaging material. First, its versatility.Cardboard can be creatively adapted to suit a range of products in varying shapes and sizes. Utilising advanced designs, cardboard packaging can have multi-uses or create forms never thought possible. Second, it is recyclable. For consumers, this brings many benefits as it is easy to dispose of and does not need special treatment to get rid of it. Most councils will pick up cardboard through their recycling collection programme. Lastly, it is cost-effective. Compared to many other packaging products, cardboard is an extremely viable option for businesses of any size. Cardboard is considered particularly cheap compared to more expensive packaging solutions such as plastic. If assessing solutions such as corrugated cardboard, then these are highly affordable as they require less material than normal cardboard, yet still give robust protection and are lightweight too.

Corrugated Cardboard is used in many packaging situations, from moving house to posting laptops and packaging food products. This kind of cardboard can be customised to safely transport a wide variety of goods with different sizing, card thickness and colour available. Corrugated cardboard is used for both traditional boxes and die cut boxes. Die cut boxes offer strength through a tabbed closing solution that doesn’t require packing tape. And die cut boxes are also an elegant way of sending products through the post because packing tape doesn’t get in the way of the customer unboxing the goods. Die cut cardboard is often used as subscription box packaging.