What’s your favorite way to reuse plastic bags?

13 Useful Things You Should Do With Your Old Grocery Bags

Sitting on a huge stash of empty grocery bags? Learn over a dozen practical ways to reuse them here!

In case you’re in a similar situation of sitting on a pile of empty grocery bags, I thought I’d freshen up that old post and share it with you today! These tips will make it easy to find all sorts of ways to put those plastic bags to good use!

1. Keep Your Hands Clean

Pull a plastic bag over each hand to use them as a pair of makeshift gloves! It’s a great way to keep your hands clean when handling messy foods, or when cleaning up messes like vomit, sticky crafts, etc.

2. Clean Your Shower Head

Use a plastic bag and some distilled white vinegar to clean your shower head! Fill the bag with vinegar and use a rubber band to secure it around your shower head. Let it soak for an hour or so to allow the vinegar to dissolve mineral deposits and cut through soap scum.

3. Cover Your Plunger

Don’t have a stand or cover for your toilet plunger? Cover the rubber end with a plastic bag to contain germs and grime!

4. Line A Wastebasket

Grocery store bags are just the right size to use as liners in small wastebaskets. Put a few extra bags in the bottom of the empty wastebasket before lining it with another bag, and that way you’ll have a replacement ready to go the next time you empty it!

5. Keep The Shape Of Purses & Shoes

Before you put shoes or handbags into storage, stuff a few plastic bags inside them. The bags will help your shoes or purses retain their shape while they’re in storage so they don’t wind up misshapen or lumpy.

6. Contain Trash In The Car

Tie an empty grocery sack to the back of your headrest on long car rides or road trips. It’s the perfect makeshift trash can for empty wrappers and drink bottles, since you can throw the whole thing away at the next rest stop!

7. Use As “Barf Bags” For Carsick Passengers

Some people may feel a little nauseous in the car, while others may get truly carsick! Prepare for the worst by keeping a few empty plastic bags in your car. That way,you’ll always have a “barf bag” handy should you ever find yourself with a vomiting passenger.

8. Keep Mirrors & Wipers Ice-Free

For those who park their cars on the street or in uncovered spots, it’s all too common to wake up to frozen side mirrors and windshield wipers during the winter. So when the forecast calls for overnight snow, cover your wipers and side mirrors with plastic bags. The bags will keep them free of ice and snow and make the next morning’s commute a little easier!

9. Cover Muddy Shoes

To avoid tracking mud or slush into your car when the weather’s bad, keep a stash of plastic bags in the car. Slip one bag over each shoe before stepping into the car to keep your floor mats clean!

10. Wrap Plant & Plant Starts

With as much plant shopping as I did this past summer, I know just how much dirt winds up in your trunk after unloading a good plant haul! So that’s why I’ve started keeping a stash of plastic bags in my car, so I can wrap the bottoms of any plants and plant starts to keep dirt out of my car. :-)

11. Wrap Shoes In Luggage

When packing for a trip, wrap each pair of shoes you’re bringing in a grocery bag before putting them in your suitcase. The bag will prevent dirty soles from messing up your clean clothes, AND prevent your other items from scuffing up your shoes.

12. Pick Up After Your Dog

One great way to reuse plastic bags is to pick up after your dog on walks. (Just make sure to toss it into a trash can afterward, since they aren’t biodegradable.)

13. Prevent Painting Tools From Drying

Working on a painting project? Wrap a plastic bag tightly around your brushes or paint rollers and wrap a rubber band around the bottom to secure it. This will keep the paint wet for as long as a full day so you can pick up right where you left off tomorrow.

What’s your favorite way to reuse plastic bags?

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