A Group Of People From Peru Launched Compostable Plates Made Out Of Banana Leaves

An eco-friendly mindset group of Peruvian launched a project ‘Bio Plant’ to replace the single-use plastic plates with these biodegradable ones and to reduce plastic usage.

The best thing about this innovative product is its biodegradable life-span. Within two months (less than 60 days) this becomes one with the ground and becomes a natural fertilizer.

To make this project come to life, the initiators Josué Soto and Rolf Torres Lizárraga, cooperated with the program Innóvate Perú to partially finance it trough their Bio Challenge contest, which was funded by the Ministry of Production.

With this co-finance, they were able to ensure the necessary equipment for the aimed production of 50,000 biodegradable dishes per month..

They are sharing their knowledge and innovative idea with some local small producers through fair payment and technical assistance training, in order for them to spread this practice and reduce the single-use plastic plates, which take hundreds of years to be biodegradable.

What’s furthermore exciting about this is the fact that there is no need to cut any banana trees to produce this product.

All they have to do is pick up the leaves that fall from the trees and make better use of them.

The shapes of the plates vary from rectangular to circle, and they can be used for all types of foods, both liquid, and solid foods. Also, the price is fairly cheap, estimated 100 to 120 soles (US$29.64-35.56) for 100 dishes.

This is not just a very innovative idea and a great alternative for plastic plates, but it is also very eco-friendly and easy to make, so let’s take a lesson in here and act upon it.

via : https://www.intelligentliving.co/peruvian-compostable-plates-banana-leaves/