The importance of packaging: understanding what really attracts consumers

Unappealing packaging and labeling design may deter a consumer from choosing a product. If this happens often enough, this could cause a  
significant decrease in sales for any company. Fortunately, we do have some data on what actually drives purchase decisions in the store. 

While there are many common packaging features that attract consumers, the method of choosing a product can be influenced by many different factors. Below are four common motivators consumers use to influence their buying decisions:

  1. Values: deeply held beliefs about what is important
  2. Attitudes: what consumers think about certain situations
  3. Behaviors: how consumers spend their time and money
  4. Lifestyles: how a consumer spends their time

When it comes to label design, it can be easy to make mistakes. Companies sometimes try to cram as much information as possible on the label, use poor-quality images, and neglect to include crucial product information. Her are some Do's and Don'ts:


      Consider an attached peel-off or booklet label

      Attach instant savings coupons

      Include important information regarding the product

      Include directions on how to use the product

      Incorporate recipes or other suggestions

      Include recycling information about the product or packaging


      Crowd the label or use too-small fonts

      Use blurry or unrecognizable graphics

      Pick a label that won't fit on the product well

      Use bland, boring colors

      Forget about the functionality of the container

      The Significance of Branding

Products that use eco-friendly materials are more likely to be purchased over similar products that do not. In fact, according to the packaging and labeling techniques survey results, 56% of participants said they are more inclined to choose an eco-friendly packaged product. More and more, consumers are seeking ways to help fight pollution, and landfill waste. In knowing this, many companies are beginning to choose to create packaging out of recycled materials, biodegradable plastics, and natural materials.