What is post-consumer waste paper stock (and why does it matter)?

What is post-consumer waste paper stock (and why does it matter)?

You want to be as eco-friendly as possible with your print marketing materials, but if you’re not printing on 100% post-consumer waste paper stock then you’re missing an easy opportunity to go green. This blog explains what is post-consumer waste paper stock and why it matters to your business.

What is post-consumer waste paper stock?

100% post-consumer waste is an eco-friendly paper stock. The term refers to a type of recycled paper that’s made entirely from post-consumer waste, which is waste that people have actually used and recycled instead of discarding to landfills. Post-consumer waste could be any paper product that is recycled from a variety of items including milk cartons, books, junk mail, magazines and more.

Post vs. Pre-consumer waste

Post-consumer waste is different from pre-consumer waste. Pre-consumer waste  is waste that has never been sold to consumers. Think paper clippings that fall on factory floors, then are reused by the same factory to create more products.

Post-consumer waste is considered more eco-friendly than pre-consumer waste and here are the reasons why:

Factories always look for ways to get the most out of materials, so they’re unlikely to send any recyclable materials to landfills (in fact, many don’t consumer pre-consumer waste to be recycled material at all)

Consumers are far more likely to send recyclable materials to landfills; when post-consumer waste is reclaimed for recycling, it never sees the landfill.

What does the 100% mean?

The “100%” means the amount of post-consumer waste in a given paper stock.  In this case, paper stock is entirely made from post-consumer waste. If your paper stock isn’t completely made from post-consumer waste, it likely also contains non-recycled material. That’s why 100% post-consumer waste paper stock is the eco-friendliest choice for business cards, flyers, postcards, and other marketing materials.

Quality matters

You don’t have to sacrifice quality to print powerful marketing tools on 100% post-consumer waste paper stock – it looks just as good as non-recycled paper. Use it with eco-friendly soy inks (which produce more vibrant colors than petroleum inks) and you can market your business and still make a positive impact on the environment.

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